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The course is officially called “multi-media” because that is the course name we reused to get the course taught at SJSU. It is not really inaccurate, as we will be working in audio, video, still photography, illustration and text with the focus on Internet delivery.

We will teach keystone technologies like HTML. But wait, there is more. We will also be looking at how the one-to-many (one-way) relationship of past forms of mass media has, thanks to the Internet, become a two way many-to-many conversation between individuals. Also, we will look at how individuals have the power to create rich content channels through RSS.

This is an experimental class and we are prepared to fail at some things as long as we learn from them. We are hoping to build a community around this and to take chances. It will be exciting to see where this all goes.

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  1. Shawn Camilleri Says:

    This is Shawn Camilleri from the 163 class.

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