A good time to start a media career


It was a guessing game until last night…but 17 students showed up…and signed up…so J163 is a go. And, as long as we don’t count the missing projector and the unfinished classroom, things went pretty well.

Guest speaker Stephanie Quilao, who blogs at Back in Skinny Jeans, told J163 students that the growth of blogs and other new media technologies makes this a good time to start a media career.

“The tools are free, available, and you can start today,” Quilao said, adding that blogs give people the opportunity to create their own jobs. That’s what she’s doing.

Here are a couple of shots from the first class:

Stephanie Quailo J163 students

Stephanie Quilao speaks to J163 students


2 Responses to “A good time to start a media career”

  1. Stephanie Quilao Says:

    Hi all!

    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed being a guest speaker at class last night. All of you are very smart to be educating yourselves on New Media. You’re already one step ahead!

    I wrote an article on the class, and posted it on my Simplr blog: http://www.simplr.net/2006/08/its_back_to_sch.html

    I wish the class much link love!

    And again, please feel free to contact me (“email me” is on my blogs) if you need advice or help in your blogging endeavors.

  2. slvrbullt02 Says:

    Well, i’ve started to try and get a blog up and running and it’s definitely a hit or miss learning experience.


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