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Many more people can now post here
About half of the class has sent me their Email address that they registered with under. If you are a student in 163 and have not done this, you need to. This is a class assignment. Also, we are inviting folks from the global blogging community, and others as well, to join the conversation. The first to take us up on it is David Weinberger. Weinberger is one of the authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto, which is one of the texts for this course. Other folks are invited to join the jmc163 blog. Send me an Email if you are a serious blogger, educator, student and/or industry professional interested in joining the conversation. Another way to participate is to use the jmc163 tag in posts on your own blogs. We will be attaching that feed as a sidebar element to this blog.

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One Response to “More voices on this blog”

  1. Cynthia McCune Says:

    I’m so psyched to hear that one of the authors of the Cluetrain Manifesto wants to be part of our conversation. This changes everything. Suddenly, it’s not just Steve and me teaching this class (with the help of some really excellent guest speakers)…now, the whole world can weight in and share information with our students. Kinda changes the whole teaching model, doesn’t it?

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