Movie making time


Hi everyone. I’m thinking about making “something” for submission. I know how to use the adobe creative suite pretty well. If you guys have some ideas you want to bat around, let me know.




8 Responses to “Movie making time”

  1. Steve Sloan Says:

    Campus Movie Fest is a great opportunity for our students. The headquarters for it will be just outside the University Help Desk, where my day job is. How cool is that!

  2. jdrnek Says:

    Hi Jaydee. I am very interested in doing something for the Moviefest as well. Drew mentioned he is also. Do you have any ideas for the plot? I think later today I’ll go to the website and see if they have any examples, so I can get a feel for what they are looking for. Email me if you want to talk about his further.



  3. jaydeedejesus Says:

    I saw a few of them. I was thinking of doing something like a fake public service announcement or newscast like the daily show or onion. Maybe some tips for new college students or some internet warnings/guidelines. The puppet recycling one is kinda cool, but I’m pretty sure the contest is open ended. If the crappy monkey & banana cartoon made it in, we can do that too.

  4. Andrew Venegas Says:

    That all sounds great; like Jaydee said, I interested in doing something too. If you guys want to get together and do a script for it, I’m down with that too. Hit me up on my email if this sounds good. (

  5. jaydeedejesus Says:

    What are some of the skill sets you guys have? Here’s what I’ve got.

    Photoshop – intermediate
    Illustrator – intermediate
    Flash – beginner (moslty animated banners no scripting)
    director – Beginner (only did one project a couple of years ago, pretty easy to use though)

    Photography – digital, film, lighting,

    My traditional drawing skills are okay. (might be handy for storyboards)

    I’ve taken a couple of acting classes.

  6. Jessica Drnek Says:

    You are way ahead of me. In fact, I sound pretty un-skilled next to that. : )

    I’m sort of approaching this as an opportunity to learn some of these skills. Unfortunately I’m coming to the table with not much high tech knowledge, as I said in class.

    I could get us access to some pretty amazing cars, though, if we want to work that into our storyline. Vintage Formula 1, CanAm, etc. Could give us an edge. Or not. Up to you guys.

    We should try to chat tomorrow, figure out who all is involved, and establish an action plan. I think we need at least four people, though.

    Do you guys want to do something funny, serious, or what?

  7. robbhunt Says:

    depending on the schedule for getting the project done (i have school, work, and sports obligations), id like to get in on this too.

    do you all wanna talk before or after class tomorrow?

  8. Jessica Drnek Says:

    I have class until 5:45, but we can talk about it for the 15 mins before class starts. Lets try and meet then. I can’t really stay afterwards, so if that works for everyone else, that would be great.

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