Class Ideas


So has anyone decided what are class theme should be? I don’t really think we should have a “theme” per se and as others mentioned in class; we should just sort of do our own thing. What do you think?


2 Responses to “Class Ideas”

  1. Cynthia McCune Says:

    Here’s a thought: This week one of the Daily editors wrote a column saying there don’t seem to be any activists on campus anymore. I bet they still exist, and I think It might be interesting to find them.

    For this class, students could interview campus activists of varying stripes and briefly profile them — using any of our assigned formats (blog post, podcast, multimedia, videocast). For non-blog formats, a short blog post with a hyperlink could direct people to the ones posted online.

    This wouldn’t limit the pursuit of other topics, because this would be just one option, but it could add a common thread/focus to the class. Whaddya think?

  2. jaydeedejesus Says:

    We should do our own thing and see what we come up with. If students need some guidelines, use journalism, RTVF or advertising, as a starting point.

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