How about those Raiders


I think the portrayal of talent by the Raiders was rediculous. Being a Professional athelete you would think that the players would give a little more effort in an attempt to win a season opening monday night game. I know we have a knew coach and some young players, but we also have veterans who should take control and show the younger players the in’s and out’s at the professional level. I must say this is the worst way to start off the season openner. The Raiders haven’t been shut out at home since 1981 and has only been shut out twice at home in their franchise history. The offensive line must come together as a team and get on the same page in order to have a season different then the last. Art Shell has a lot of work to do with his offnsive line as well as the quarter back positon. I know they have to go over quarterback pressure in practice. Do they practice throwing the ball away? Obviously not with the performance of quarterback Aaron Brooks. He and the O line allowed the chargers D line to look like the best D line in the NFL with 9 sacks in one game. The Raiders and there staff need aot of soul searching if they want a successfu season


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