Mo-zilly Fun!


Sitting in class today, I realized that a lot of people don’t know what Firefox is or why their crazy not to be using it.

Ahem… (clearing throat in preparation to evangelize)
Mozilla’s Firefox is an Open Source browser that is much much safer than Internet Explorer, has more functionality than Opera, and twice as cool as anything else on the market.

Well, maybe not Browzar if you happen to be especially paranoid, but Browzar just doesn’t have tabbed browsing and add-ons that make Firefox so popular, customizable and awesome!

BrowzarAnd not to fear if you’re both paranoid AND in love with add-ons like screengrabbers and Stumble-Upon (possibly the most addictive add-on /toolbar out there), because there are add-ons for Firefox that clear your cache once you’re done browsing.

Pretty cool, eh?

Hit me up if anyone has any questions about it…


One Response to “Mo-zilly Fun!”

  1. Cynthia McCune Says:

    I’d say the geeky wryness factor is coming across quite well, but the “hint of intelligence” part will work better if you keep “they’re/their/there” straight. (Sorry, the guerrilla grammarian in me is coming out! 😉

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