Robert Scoble comes to our class


Robert Scoble at SJSU
Photo by Andrew Venegas

Scoble comes to JMC163
Number 19 blogger worldwide, former SJSU journalism student and tech expert Robert Scoble came back to SJSU to tell students in our Journalism 163 class about blogging, podcasting and other new technologies including Second Life. More information will be following including podcasts of this conversation and the one at dinner before his talk to our class. Student Andrew Venegas did this great post during the class.


One Response to “Robert Scoble comes to our class”

  1. andrewvenegas Says:

    Wow! I thought the pic was good… I just didn’t expect it to be used so fast. There’s Web 2.0 for you, I guess. Never a second wasted.

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