Skype speaker coming to J&MC


Phil Wolff, the managing editor of Skype Journal, will be presenting at an open forum on Skype in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications, in room DBH226 at 5pm on Tuesday. This event will be Skype Simulcast worldwide and participants will be able to physically attend the event or attend virtually via Skype. All members of the campus community are invited to attend. This is in conjunction with Journalism 163, the New Media in Journalism course taught by myself and Cynthia McCune.

If you did not see the story in the Mercury News this morning, Skype is the voice/video/text chat and file sharing software now owned by Ebay that the university’s computer center is proposing to ban. If they do ban Skype, we will be the first campus in Silicon Valley to ban this software.

~Steve Sloan


2 Responses to “Skype speaker coming to J&MC”

  1. Andrew Venegas Says:

    I’ll be there.

  2. Phil Wolff Says:

    A hypothetical to get the juices flowing.

    A telemarketing firm selling refrigerators to Inuit moves into your main campus library, plugs their laptops into your campus network. They love using the “free” facilities, courtesy of the California taxpayer, and don’t worry at all about usurping students or slowing down the network. You kick them out, obviously, but why?

    Think property and property rights.

    Here’s another. The leave-a-penny take-a-penny dish in convenience stores. Skype is a little like that. When you use Skype, you’re using a commons that includes other Skype clients on other networks. The only way the commons works is to share a little of your resources with the community. How do you feel about it when you don’t know who else is in the community? Maybe evil doers? What happens if the penny you take was left by a drug dealer? Does the public nature of the dish innoculate you from responsibility for taking drug money?

    Have a good weekend, I’ll see you Tuesday.

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