Some Interesting Comparisons


I think chapter four is far and away the most interesting chapter of this book. In the book’s introduction, the authors liken the Internet to an “ancient bazaar”. I’ve always thought of the Internet as most people do; as being very progressive. I still maintain that ideology. However, Cluetrain helped me take a different viewpoint, helping me look at the Internet as a way to propagate intimacy in ways similar to those experiences long ago.

The notions of chapter four explain the authors’ assertion that the first markets were conversational, and conversation is something inherent to humanity. It’s interesting to think of the Internet not as something completely revolutionary, but as something that although new and shiny, is very much the result of human interaction coming full circle.

I really enjoyed the way the book approached ideas that are typically looked at very objectively, with abstract notions. This is one of the very few books in my college career that i dont regret having opened.


One Response to “Some Interesting Comparisons”

  1. ssloansjca Says:

    Great review. This is a theme of many more books and posts on the subject and is not just about business. This is about our connected society. I am glad you enjoyed the book.

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