Thoughts on the Cluetrain


To start, you have to give credit to a book that produces 95 theses. Most books have a tough enough time informing its readers on one theses. The Cluetrain successfully does this buy using the power of stories within the book. These stories help the readers apply real life examples with their ideas. It also introduced “tech” vocab to people (like myself) like “flaming” which is anger speech online. This book paints a wonderful picture of how the Internet has and will continue to change not only the world around us, but the business world around us as well. It shows how the access to endless information will heighten the awareness and intelligence of the average person and how it the internet will force the business world to become more versatile not only in its products but its business tactics as well.


One Response to “Thoughts on the Cluetrain”

  1. Steve Sloan Says:

    You hit the nail on the head here. The Internet allows companies to tap into the collective intelligence of its customers. This is a tremendous strategic advantage to companies that take advantage of the opportunity.

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