So I have a question if anyone is willing to answer (even though I know its been asked and answered in class…sorry very lost in class) but where is the best place to buy a digital audio recorder? Please help.  Any tips or suggestions would be helpful as well. Thanks! 


4 Responses to “Question”

  1. back in grad school Says:

    There are lots of places for low cost personal recording devices, including Circuit City, Office Max, Radio Shack and Staples. I found the Olympus WS-100, which Andrew Venegas uses, at Office Max for $89.99; it’s $10 higher at Radio Shack. The model Cynthia McCune is using has more features and is more expensive.

    Circuit City has a low end Sony model starting around $59.99. Call around first, then get them to hold it for you. Personally, I would rather buy locally if I can, as it keeps the sales tax in my own area, plus returns are lots easier in person than via the web. Hope this helps!

  2. jaydeedejesus Says:

    Just do a search for “digital voice recorder” on You’ll see customer reviews to help make your decision.

  3. carby Says:

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  4. ssloansjca Says:

    I think the most important thing is to start recording and posting conversations. I would start with the Olympus recorder then improve from there. I am planning to buy my own Olympus just because it is so small and handy.

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