Response from in-class speaker


David Weinberger spoke in our class this week via Skype, and offered some opinions about the future of journalism. I wanted to respond to his ideas about neutrality.

I think neutrality is gone also, but I have issues with the idea of creating our own opinion and throwing it at an audience whether they want it or not. When we leave this university, I am convinced that all of us will try to sell ourselves in one media or another, whether PR, Broadcast, Advertising, Writing. But do we carry with us our ideology and opinions that may prohibit us from being employed by certain companies with different views. Good journalism is unbiased journalism. That’s what has been beaten into our heads since we began our journalistic career at SJSU. But are we moving towards a spectrum filled with only contrasting opinions? Or do we sell ourselves to the ideology we most associate with and attempt to shape our coverage, or creativity, to uphold it?

Neutrality may be gone, but so will our opinions once we are employed. With the exception of freelance journalism (which i can only assume has little consistency), major media networks have their own views and will censor our opinions to meet each audience’s expectation and desires. Blogging is a great place to express yourself, but once hired in our respective fields we may not be able to maintain them, and we’ll lose our avenues of expression. Unbiased journalism is just journalism, and that’s what we’re learning to do. Editorializing our coverage won’t get us far after we get our diploma. That’s my opinion, and as you can see it’s awful journalism.

-Dan Harris


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