The Ostrich vs. JMC163


This class, is forcing me to literally pick my head out of the sand.  Recently that comforting sand became a quagmire of weird acronyms, open source downloads, and some crazy place called the blogosphere.  I wanted to figure out what the heck everyone is talking about.

Consequently, I feel like an ostrich who’s finally decided to raise her head and get a good look.  While I was perfectly content to live my life thinking I was on the cutting edge of technology since I buy my books on instead of at the local bookstore, I’ve actually been completely out of it.  Incredibly advanced technology, communication networks, Web 2.0, and The Long Tail are the new reality, and it’s time I rubbed those pesky grains out of my eyes and took notice.

I’m hoping this class will be the catalyst for that change.  So far it’s working like a charm.  I actually have a functioning blog (check it out at, and I’m beginning to wade through the monolithic task of navigating the “new” web.  It’s no longer just a simple Google search, and bang there’s your answer. 

Instead thousands of blogs hold valuable anwers, FAQ’s are daunting at best, and websites like are changing the face of mass media.    The internet is a vast universe that changes at warp speed.  If you know about it, and you haven’t already started writing about it, then you’re probably too late to get the scoop.  Someone else out there is making the first impression, and they might have more advanced graphics, and links to videos or podcasts, and if you can’t compete, and churn out equally stimulating content at warp speed, than you’re in the past. 

Well, I need to get up to speed…quickly.  Being a journalist right now is going to be incredibly competitive.  Those graduates with jobs will be ones who have already branded themselves with successful blogs that contain up to date content and applications.  The time to start doing that is now.   

With the help of JMC163 I hope to have a functioning blog, perhaps start my own website, be able to record, produce and post podcasts, and have a better overall understanding of the Internet, technology, blogging culture, and all the necessary accessories by the end of the semester. 

Well, there you have it.  I think Weinberger would be proud of my incessant editorializing. : )

Hmmm…that sounds like a great segue to my belated Cluetrain post….


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