Suddenly standing in shattered glass


Broken Glass Shower Door

A glass shower door shatterd on my wife Sue as she was exiting the shower Sunday afternoon. Suddenly she was standing in a tub of broken glass. I heard the glass fall and her calling for help. I came in, saw what had happened and threw down towels so she could escape. She is cut on her hands and feet and we went to the hospital for her to be stitched up. She is in bandages. It’s a real mess. Apparently the door banged a screw head when it was being opened, the whole thing shattered and this caused shards of glass to rain down on her and the floor as she was taking a step. Despite the many lacerations she had she is doing fine and I am home today caring for her. Really, she was lucky. If she had been alone there would have been no escape but to walk out of the room barefoot.


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