Podcast: Jeremy Kemp and Aaron Uhrmacher on Second Life


Podcast: 48:05 duration, 44 MB MP3 – Posted October 25, 2006
Audio, recorded October 24, 2006.

To listen to audio, click here –> MP3 File Here

Kemp-Uhrmacher Skype conversation in and about Second Life
This is the presentation SJSU Educator Jeremy Kemp did last night with Aaron Uhrmacher, Senior Account Executive at Text 100. Kemp was in the class, Uhrmacher was in another part of the country. Despite being thousands of miles apart, they both presented to the class in real time side by side on the screen from within the virtual world called Second Life. The tool Uhrmacher used to talk to the class was Skype. It was a wonderful immersive experience.

Listening Notes
I will be the first to admit, the audio here is lacking in parts. It is much better than the first podcast I did of a Skype conversation. Sometimes I learn as much by what goes wrong as by what goes right. Next time I will have a wireless mic on the speaker. Please, the audio is worth the fuss I think! The presentation was great. Kemp and Uhrmacher were superb. I used Ecamm’s Skype Call Recorder to capture the conversation, Quicktime Pro to convert it to WAV, Levelator to bring up the low points and to moderate the peaks and Audacity to do final prep and, with the LAME encoder, to convert it to MP3.

Next Podcast: Student Reaction
In the next podcast we will listen to a conversation by the students about the Second Life Presentation.


One Response to “Podcast: Jeremy Kemp and Aaron Uhrmacher on Second Life”

  1. carby Says:

    So far I’ve enjoyed all the guest speakers but I believe these last two were the best! I don’t think I would have been able to imagine Second Life had Jeremy not signed in and let us take a tour under his profile. I’m still in awe. However, I don’t know if I’ll creat a profile anytime soon…it just may be a bit too time consuming. Aside from that, Kudos to both!

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