The Merc is going as a Skeleton this Halloween


That’s right, all skin and bones already, the San Jose Mercury News has decided to cut another 101 staff members, according to the AP.

The newspaper will eliminate 41 newsroom positions or about 15 percent of its editorial staff by Dec. 19, with the rest of the cuts coming from other departments including circulation, finance, marketing and human resources, said Dan Breeden, a Mercury News spokesman.

I’m wondering where the news is going to be coming from soon… the unemployment office?

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3 Responses to “The Merc is going as a Skeleton this Halloween”

  1. russellkildayhicks Says:

    Perhaps blog?

  2. cmccune Says:

    Maybe that’s why the Merc put a cut-out-your-own Halloween mask on the cover and back page of the arts and entertainment section a day or so ago, along with a big promo for it on page 1. It doesn’t take reporters to produce that kind of crap.

  3. Ryan Says:

    The Merc itself has little to do with the cuts. When MediaNews bought the Merc and the CC Times, they began integrating as much of their operations with the infrastructure running ANG Newspapers.

    At first it was just sharing stories between papers and then it was concentrating printing presses, and now I’m sure they’re moving on to consolidating advertising sales folks, circulation departments, and yes, redundancies in editorial.

    Of the 101 jobs getting cut, 41 are in the newsroom. There are probably lots of folks losing their jobs in that newsroom who might have won more awards than writers at ANG, or have more specialized skills or knowledge of their beat, but when it comes down to it, the newsroom staff at the Merc gets paid a whole lot more than the staff at ANG in Oakland.

    So, when it comes time to cut costs, and more importantly, now that MediaNews is negotiating new contracts with the newspaper guilds at the Merc and in Oakland, the staffers making the most money and getting the most benefits can be sure to be first to go.

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