Hi from San Sebastian!


The World is Flat : the title of Friedmans book actually has some meaning for me now. To a person whose only exposure to international communications was drunkenly screaming “WOOOO” in Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo. This next exposure takes place halfway around the world in sunny France. Yes it’s been beautiful as of late.

France is primarily an agricultural country, exporting crops such as wine, known as “vin”, cheese, known as “fromage”, and French bread, known as “bread”. I’m staying with my girlfriend’s family just outside of Marmande, a city of about 25,000 in Southwest France. You can research the word “quaint” and not fully comprehend the subtleties of the word until an entire nation the size of Texas oozes rustic country homes onto your face, and smashes you over the head with a day old baguette. Nonetheless Marmande’s farms, buildings, and people are heartbreakingly beautiful.

Let me introduce you to some of the people in Marmande. Amy’s aunt Leslie is an American teaching English in French schools. Try as she may it seems that the French youth are as equally blasé about their studies as their American counterparts. Blasé, roughly translated, means “like…whatever”. Jacques, Leslie’s French husband, is descended from a long line of grape farmers…not kidding. They own the land surrounding their quaint country home and lease it out to be cultivated by local farmers. Jacques makes a living as a farming consultant, helping people not descended from a long line of farmers to set up their new businesses. Their oldest son Ryan is a chef in Paris…not kidding. Like me, his favorite television show is “24” starring Keifer Sutherland. Unfortunately for him, the shows are aired one year after they air in America. Morgan, the middle child, is a fireman/paramedic. He spends his days performing “les interventions” which means he goes to fires and car accidents and tells people that their drinking and drug use is hurting them and their families. His favorite show is Prison Break, starring the Bad Guy from the 3rd Blade movie. The youngest, Liza, is a typical teenage girl. Like many of the French youth, she is obsessed with rap music, especially one femme rap artist named Diam’s. I don’t understand what she’s rapping about but I am sure she has to keep her bitches in line with a strong pimp hand just like they do in Compton.

How can this possibly relate to Friedman’s book? Certainly correlations can be made between American television and French television, as they are one in the same. Further, globalized entertainment tends to homogenize culture. But this speaks more to Bagdikian´s book ¨The Media Monopoly¨

Actually, I met an English couple at a party that lived in Marmande but telecommuted to work. Emmanuel and Maria (stress on the ¨a¨ so it´s Maahreeahh) own a law insurance company and are quite (not quaint) a lovely couple. So that´s kida like outsourcing right?

Anyway, I´m going to Bilbao to see the Guggenheim today. Should be fun and shiny!


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  1. ssloansjca Says:

    Thanks for your great perspectives on your trip. This is outstanding!

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