Woman fired for blogging


While waiting for a taxi to the train station, we were saying our goodbyes with Abby, one of our gracious hosts that let us crash in their quaint home. She had mentioned that she was addicted to blogs and was occasionally reading them instead of looking for a job, she recently graduated with a masters in urban planning.

(This conversation is somewhat fabricated, I didn’t record it.)

Me: What a coincidence! I’m taking a blogging class at school.

Abby: Did you hear about that woman that got fired for blogging?

Me: No.

Abby: YEAH! It’s been a big thing here and they’re going to trial soon.

Me: Sweet! Did you hear about the two high school girls that put boobie shots of themselves on Myspace and now they’re charged with distribution of kiddie porn?

Abby: No Way!

Me: Way!


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