The Silver Bullet Show Continues


More from the Sports Desk of Dan Harris. Episodes 1 through 5 have been completed recently and can be heard on iTunes, my blog, or here at the jmc163 page.

Individual Links to Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, and video 1

Catch up on your sports knowledge and hear some insightful banter about bay area sports. Episode 3 breaks down some high school sports as well.

The url for The Silver Bullet Show is:

Check it out if you can!



One Response to “The Silver Bullet Show Continues”

  1. cmccune Says:

    Hey, I just listened to your Silver Bullet video. Even for a non-sports person like me, it’s lotsa fun. I like the lead-in and lead-out music. Need to even out the audio levels in some sections, but otherwise it’s “wicked cool.”

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