Future benefits of this class realized


Last week I attended PR day here at SJSU. It was really interesting to hear all the professionals talk about what the future holds for those of us in the field. Afterward they had a job/internship faire for the students to meet some of the companies in the area and see what they are all about.

It was at this job/internship faire that I got to talking to someone at one of the tables. We were chatting about PR and moved onto the subject of the internet. Eventually I mentioned that I was taking this class and learning all about blogging and podcasting and the man’s eyes lit up. He was so interested to find out that our school was picking up on the benefits of these new technologies and how we in the mass communications fields can use them to our advantage. He actually asked me to write down the class name and the names of our instructors so he could find out more about it.

I originally signed up for this class on a whim. I had heard about it from another one of my professors and thought it sounded interesting so I figured I would try it out. Now that I am actually using it and also seeing this man’s reaction to hearing about this class I am guaranteeing that it will take me far. The skills that we can take away from this class, whether it is a basic knowlege or skilled programming abilities, we now have an edge over many of our fellow students. We are learning not about where our fields have been at this university, but where they are going and how we can participate in the future.


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