A Belt between Orange and Black



Is it possible to make a belt out of these?

That’s what I imagined wearing after finally wrestling through text editors and winning. My five interviews with returning grad students have all been duly congratulated with this lovely logo, and my next post contains all of them.

What a patchwork of software programs has been required to generate this assignment! First, being able to ftp a server, whether edupodder or other, and in my case “other”; importing to Audacity or other audio editing program, then exporting in a file format consistent with an RSS feed; and most essential, a text editor other than Word or notepad to create the xml.

For people on the Windows platform, Steve Sloan had recommended UltraEdit Text Editor, and a 30-day free trial is available. This tool was able to create clean xml where Word and notepad were not.

Audacity, as a free program, allowed me to complete the assignment, and it has a wonderful export to mp3. But as a long-term application for audio editing it has limitations. You cannot separate audio segments on the same track, and the program crashed repeatedly during the five-minute interview I worked on. For some reason, the three-minute interviews had no crashes. I will probably move to more stable audio software for future pieces. It’s hard to support the concept of free software when the tool doesn’t work consistently.


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