5 Things to think about when designing for my parents


Here’s a taste of what Jack Zerby’s parents think about website design. Folks designing webites should take note.

#1 Ditch the Intros
“I hate all that stuff moving around. I just want to know where the buy now button is”

 #2 Big enough buttons
“If I ain’t seein it, I ain’t clickin it”

#3 Wicked web forms
“Where did it go JACK? They deleted my credit card”

#4 Worth the wait
“JACK, what did you do to the internet! It’s broken!”

#5Ahhh, simplicity
“Holy crap! This is harder then gettin a pig in a bathtub.”

For more, see Jack’s site.


One Response to “5 Things to think about when designing for my parents”

  1. back in grad school Says:

    Jaydee — the fifth comment was absolutely LOL! I cannot imagine getting a pig into bathtub, but a friend and I did try to corral two to “leash” them and walk them up the hill. Such innocents. Us, not the pigs.

    We finally captured, picked up and threw, literally threw, both screaming (you have to hear it to believe it), racing pigs into the back of a pickup truck. At which point they instantly calmed themselves, looked around as if nothing had happened, and prepared for the ride…


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