England, Allen, and Richards



Sounds like powerful K Street lobbyists, or a high-priced law firm. Maybe a venture capital team, privately held.

The roster is actually a tripped-up trio undone by citizen journalism.

Lynndie England’s photographs ruined her brief career in the armed forces, negated the possibility of college tuition she had joined the Army for, and exposed the horrors of Abu Grhaib prison (warning: graphic content) to the entire world. Many would argue, however, that her shocking irresponsibility two years ago was of the highest service, as it opened the doors, and upcoming Congressional hearings, on many issues regarding the U.S. treatment of prisoners.

George Allen, Senator from Virginia, was recently defeated by Jim Webb, in part no doubt because of his racist remarks while on the campaign trail. Hard to believe he really wanted a clean campaign when this new six-letter word showed up. The videographer, part of his opponent’s campaign crew, only needed to point and shoot in order for Senator Allen to self-destruct. The final two Senate seats in the 2006 election won by Democrats, unseating incumbent Republicans, were in the states of Montana and Virginia. Mr. Allen’s loss created a Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate at a pivotal time.

And in the category of six-letter words, the n-word has always been volatile. Michael Richards, aka Kramer, “went Gibson” last Friday night when he was heckled during a comedy show. The audience wasn’t laughing at his performance, which included an individual with a cell phone who recorded Richards’s tirade.The site that hosts this rant was also sent the scoop on Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic remarks last summer.

Welcome to America, England, Allen and Richards, where we are all now both reporter and story. Where, to paraphrase Scott McNeely, there is no privacy any more; get over it. And where all blunders will be exposed and uploaded, instantly.

What communications history would you like to make today?


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