New Perspective Emerges from Iraq, Online


It’s been online in iTune’s since October 18th, though it’s been online since May 31st outside of an RSS format. The show has a slightly different perspective from the ones you hear on the Nightly News, and quite apart from most of the vlogosphere.

Freedom Journal Iraq, produced by the Pentagon Channel, is a horse of a different color. Their bias is clear, yet oddly refreshing.

It shows American officers and enlisted serving in Iraq, affected daily by IED’s and suicide bombers. It shows some of their triumphs, and well as their defeats, through a set of uniquely American military eyes.

As a journalism major, the show is in striking contrast to Alive in Baghdad, another phenomenal vlog shot by independent citizen journalists in Iraq.

Oddly enough, it is the bias that I find appealing, as the growing trend of vlogging further the marketplace of ideas about which Mills wrote.

Politics not your thing? There’s always my favorite comedy newcast, Fox News Flash. Today they talked about a Colombian marathon where officers run with their dogs to raise money for fallen officers. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good cause and all – but a Colombian dog marathon?

Must have been a slow news day. Wait a minute – aren’t there a couple wars going on?

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