The end of 163 as we know it?


Big changes for the Spring term of 163
There is a plan to turn 163 partly into a software teaching class and teach InDesign, Photoshop, other applications and maybe half a semester’s worth of “new media.” This will be a real change in what has become known as, “the podcasting class.”

I have nothing against the Adobe Creative Suite applications, I use them and have taught them. But, I do not see this as being consistent with what we are doing in this class. This semester 163 has concentrated on the Internet and emerging forms of journalism. Maybe I am wrong.

We have a meetup on Thursday November 30 at 7pm in downtown San Jose at Tony Soprano’s Pizzeria. You are invited to come or comment. I would love to get input from folks on this subject. I know our accreditation limits the amount of units we can do new stuff with. But, I see this class as being critical.

What do you think is more important? Should we focus on enhancing the teaching of traditional media or explore and expand our reach of new media? As a person who teaches this stuff I want to hear what you think. This semester we really covered Web 2.0. Should we cut out about half the class to teach computer applications? Your opinion matters, to me. You are invited:

When: Thursday, November 30 at 7:00PM
Where: Tony Soprano’s Pizzeria
87 E. San Fernando Street Near SJSU Downtown
San Jose CA 95113


2 Responses to “The end of 163 as we know it?”

  1. datruss Says:

    2 blogs that I keep track of:
    I think you will enjoy them.
    I also found this site tonight,
    Her MVP’s (Most Valuable Posts) in the left column are handy as an educator trying to promote the ‘new’ literacy.

  2. The future of JMC 163 « New Media in Journalism Says:

    […] Steve Sloan recently posted about the discussion the journalism department at San Jose State is having on what to do with the JMC 163 class on new media. This has been one of the best classes that I have taken in my four years so far at SJSU. I have learned more in this one class that will actually help me in my career than in all of the journalism classes I have previously taken combined. […]

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