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Podcast: Skype Teaching Tool or Network Nemesis?
In this Skype conversation, hosted by Language Lab Unleashed, a group of educators from across the nation (myself included) and a university network administrator, joined Phil Wolff from Skype Journal in a discussion about the use of Skype in the classroom. Much of the discussion was about the now changed plan to discontinue using Skype at SJSU. This conversation occurred after I got of work yesterday. (So, I am not speaking on the university’s dime.) Note the quality of the audio. This group conversation occurred using a free software program, Skype, and was recorded on a low end Macintosh computer and low cost audio capture software.

53.3 MB MP3 Audio File Here


One Response to “Skype Podcast”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Thanks for providing the audio on your site as well! Indeed, it should be noted that while we work for an instituion of higher ed, absolutely NONE of our insitution’s rescources were being used nor were we on “company time.” I find this is a clarification I need to make…repeatedly.

    Erin is setting up a wiki off of the Language Lab Unleashed site (link above) as a Skype for teaching/Norma Rae/Let’s Get Organized first step. I will let you know when it is ready to roll.

    Let’s keep the conversations going!

    If you, your students, your networking folks, or anyone on your side of the country would like to join us Sunday December 3 for another conversation about Skype that would be great. I already have two folks from England planning to join in.

    Thank you for you help and support…


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