At the beginning of the semester, I was totally behind! As the class moved on, I started moving forward little by little. Thanks to Prof. Sloan and McCune, today, I have strong confidence in what I have learned.I graduated from SF State and during this time at SJ State, I have seen huge differences in both schools.Unfortunately, for SJ State students, despite we lived in the middle of the
Silicon Valley, technology does not seem to be in our side. For many weeks we did not have power in our side of our classrooms, it took a lot of time to set the computers, etc. I paid more than $2 K cash for school, $350 more than I used to pay at SFSU; however, at SFSU, I never experienced any inconvenience like this. By the way, the only time I heard someone taking a strong position about something that matters to us was when it was “cleverly” decided to get rid of Skype.

Also, SF State not only helps students with computer problems, but provides “free” lectures to teach certain programs. At SFSU, I got an antivirus installation provided by school, I have my computer diagnosed and cleaned up, and I had a chance to attend 2 hour lectures to learn dream weaver, flash, PowerPoint, etc. For FREE!  

I think SJSU must work much harder to provide students with what they need; otherwise, we may not succeed!

On the positive side, SJSU has Prof. Sloan and McCune who are willing to help students even during their lunch time! However, their work would be much easier is SJSU would cooperate more.


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