SJSU Bloggers Wanted


Call me crazy, but I’m doing an overhaul of my website, and looking for SJSU bloggers to grant posting privileges to. That’s right, I want to open up my blog to the SJSU community that I know is out there, and use what Google juice I have (albeit small), to reach broader audiences and create unity.

Look to the right hand side of my blog, and you’ll notice several new dropdown menus. I’m compiling a list of SJSU student bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters in an attempt to aggregate them into one useful place. I’ll continue to add, re-sort by major, genre, and whatever else, as much as humanly possible. Don’t worry, I don’t sleep and this is my life (a sad commentary on modern society, I know). Hopefully in the future, I’ll be able to add wiki and digg functionality too.

Long story short, if you blog semi-regularly and want a bully-pulpit, forum, or event site to shout from, this might be the place for you. Don’t worry about your blog topics, I’ll be sorting those out and categorizing them for easy access. You may also publish reposts from your respective blogs.

Sound cool? Then email me and I’ll set you up. And no, I won’t be censoring any content, so you’ll never have to worry about that. I’m a journalist, and believe that the best society is one where free speech is protected. Period.

P.S. Teachers are also welcome!

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