Final FAQ


FAQ: To clarify points already made in class

How long does the final have to be?
Long enough to tell the story, but not too long that is gets boring. How long is that? It depends on the story and how well you can tell it. Your time will be limited, so be efficient.
Does it have to be on a disc?
No, it has to be a multimedia project that is available on the Internet. It has to be linked to off the blog. If it is not on the blog, with a permalink to where it can be viewed, it does not get credit. No exceptions.
Can I show it from a disc for higher resolution?
Yes, but you must be able to show that the story can be viewed on the Internet. Then, and only then, can you show it from a disc. You must provide the disc, typically a DVD, and you are responsible for it working.
What equipment will I have?
You will have to show it on my laptop and a projector I will be providing. That laptop has a DVD player built in and it will be connected to the Internet. It is a Macbook running Firefox. No other software may be used.
When and where is the final?
It is at 5:45 in the classroom, DBH226, on the 12th of December 2006.

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