Cuppa Joe



What’s your coffee preference?

Do you have special equipment, an affection for a certain type of roast? Home brew, or out first thing in the morning for a frothy hot one?

Maybe you just want a cuppa joe, a phrase that originated during World War I, when servicemen always had a cup of coffee available.

A brief overview of coffee history:

1475 First coffee shop opens in Constantinople

1645 First coffeehouse opens in Italy

1652 First coffeehouse opens in England

1668 Coffee replaces beer as New York City’s favorite breakfast drink

1672 First coffeehouse opens in Paris

1721 First coffee house opens in Berlin

1732 Johann Sebastian Bach composes Kaffee-Kantate

1773 The Boston Tea Party tips the balance in favor of coffee

Enjoy the roasted berry!

Hear more about coffee, roasting, family and community by listening to the podcast.


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