Kyle’s project, Pictures from the Philippines


My little brother, Brandon, is on a mission for our church in the Philippines, Capoocan Leyte to be exact. He emailed us Monday with the news that they had a major bagio, or typhoon, this weekend. It sounds like there was quite a bit of damage in the area, but he said no one was injured.

Mission Picture Video

Anyway, for my JMC163 multimedia project, I made a slide show of the pictures he has sent home over the last five months. He is having a great time, and some of the pictures are really cool. It is always interesting to hear about a different country and what life is like there. Here is the movie, I hope you enjoy it. It is my first movie, let me know what you think and how I can make it better.

For the two years that he is on his mission he is only allowed to call home on Christmas and on Mothers Day, but he is allowed to email every week. So I set up a blog for him to post all of his emails so that family and friends can stay up to date on what he is doing.

Thanks again to Olin Fields for the music and Spencer Fields for the web space.


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