JMC163 on for Spring 2007


We are a go!
It was amazing. I had only six students pre-enrolled in my section and I figured I was hosed. When I went to the classroom yesterday I was amazed. There were 14 students hoping to add the class! I let them all in.

Last semester I was told it would take 14-15 students for this class to go. It seemed a long way from 6 to 14. Last semester professor Cynthia McCune and I struggled to get enough students for one section of Journalism 163. This semester four sections were scheduled. The class seemed like a real long shot. All sections were under enrolled, but we did not write it off.

Professor McCune and I started evangelizing, going to every class that we could to spread the word. Other faculty and students from last semester supported us and spread the word also. Professor Steve Greene is teaching a section and he also spread the word.

Viral marketing pays. Not only do we have enough students to cover three of the classes, they are all full!

Naked Conversations will be one of the textbooks this semester, along with Cluetrain.

Some of our biggest supporters have been our customers. They have been evangelizing the class to JMC faculty as well as fellow students. Professor Bob Rucker, who heads our radio and television journalism sequence, said this, “I have been pitching your class to students along with Cynthia and others and it seems to have paid off. Despite resistence you may encounter, please continue to teach them the new technology as you did last semester. As I told you, my RTVJ students I’ve seen said yes it was overwhelming…but they are using what you taught them and feel grateful they had you as their teacher.”

This is so cool!


2 Responses to “JMC163 on for Spring 2007”

  1. Kyle Hansen Says:

    Congratulations! This is way exciting. I am proud to be one of the first alumni of the new JMC163 class and wish the best of luck to the new students. I am definitely using the skills I learned in this class already. Many thanks to Steve and Cynthia for making it a success!

  2. Andrew Venegas Says:

    I second Kyle’s post; I am very proud as well! Good luck on a great semester.

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