Driving downtown San Jose, I remember the past few years of my “education.”

2 Responses to “Vacation”

  1. Steve Sloan Says:

    Wow, powerful video expertly done! I was touched by this.


  2. Cynthia McCune Says:

    Andrew, I like this a lot. The narration, video and background music really work together to create a mood and tell a story.

    It took me back to my father’s death a year ago December. His kidneys were failing, and then he had a heard attack. After a week in the hospital, dialysis wasn’t working and he was getting worse, not better. The doctors had run out of options. I was the one who had to tell him he wasn’t going to make it. He just nodded. A little later, a dear friend, his last visitor before the morphine fully kicked in, asked him how he was doing. “Not so good,” he said. He died two days later.

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