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Wordpress Login

How to post to the class blog
Some of you have already registered for the class blog. You sent the email address you used when you registered with WordPress. I should have sent you back an email saying you are registered to the class blog. Until I do that you cannot post to the blog. The next step is for you to login and post to the blog. There are two things you will need to login, the username and password you created when you registered with WordPress. Here is how you login:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the username and password you created. Click on Login.
  3. The class blog should appear. If you have another WordPress blog registered under that username and it appears, that is okay! Ignore it for now and continue.
  4. A blue bar will appear across the top of the blog. One of the options on this bar is “new post.”
  5. Click and hold the new post option and a list of the WordPress blogs you can post to will appear.
  6. Select and start posting!
  7. If you have done everything and it still does not work, see me. You need to see me soon! You will fall behind and it will affect your grade if you do not post.

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