The cluetrain manifesto short review


The cluetrain manifesto is an interesting piece about how Internet has affected the business world.
My favorite thesis is number 34: to speak with a human voice companies must share the concerns of their communities. But first they must belong to a community.
I think the concept of voice is significant in the book, and it epitomizes what Internet is all about. Millions of people voice their opinion, their belief, on Internet via blogs, citizen journalism, or videos.

The cluetrain manifesto says that internet has changed the way companies do business. Companies have more freedom, more power, more of everything. Internet connects them with other companies, other people, and allows them to have a voice.
The first chapter mostly say that traditional business has come to an end through the 95 theses.
The rebelish style of the writing makes it even an interesting piece to read, but the enthusiasm of the authors seems sometimes exaggerated. I will post more when I read more!


One Response to “The cluetrain manifesto short review”

  1. ssloansjca Says:

    Actually Cluetrain has several authors. As global communications, as empowered by the Internet has evolved customers have been able to have a global voice. This has loosened the strangle hold companies have had and allowed a shift from a Cathedral model, where companies talk and customers can only listen, to a Bazaar model, where customers not only are able to talk to the company they can talk to each other. In the traditional model, through advertising, companies are able to control the message. In the new model, nobody controls the message the conversation takes on a life of its own. The authors posit that companies that don’t get this are road kill.

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