cluetrain: markets will kill themselves


While all the Cluetrain Manifesto theses are good and also as relevant today as they were when they were written, one of the ones that i found to be the most interesting, is thesis #77: You’re too busy “doing business” to answer our email? Oh gosh, sorry, gee, we’ll come back later. Maybe.

I liked this one because its true of many businesses that wont answer emails from their consumers.  The consumer that is writing the email is the company’s business, so if they aren’t answering them, what “business” are they taking care of? Apparently not the part from where they make their money.  If the businesses don’t talk, the people will, and they won’t like it.


One Response to “cluetrain: markets will kill themselves”

  1. ssloansjca Says:

    Even more now than ever. Customers have a global voice, thanks to the Internet. Companies that ignore, or are otherwise rude to, customers get written up in blogs. When potential customer’s do Internet searches on the products they wish to buy, the companies that are not responsive to customers lose them.

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