The puzzling Clue Train


I once thought I was extremely web savvy but I’m now humbled by the assigned reading in Clue Train Manifesto. You can tell that the authors not only know what they are talking about, but are passionate about the subject of the internet and the impact it has had on businesses.  Though I was observing much of the subject matter about the internet and it’s growing change in use, I was able to relate on one note, businesses and their use of the World Wide Web.

I think my favorite Thesis would have to be #26; about how Public Relations does not relate to the public. I have worked for 2 corporations so far and my view of them in general is not favorable. It’s amazing how a group of people (including CEO’s and business partners) can suddenly become less than human. I think Meg Ryan said it best when she told ‘a corporate tool character’ Tom Hanks in the movie You’ve Got Mail that he had “A cash register for a brain and in place of heart, a bottom line”.

This reading made me wonder if the internet was really separating businesses from the people they served even more, on a personal level, and if this fact will ever impact businesses to the point that they will begin to pay attention to it.


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