Life is Good



After reading all the excerpts, the one I still find the most interesting is, Premature Burial, only because it talks about life. It’s pretty cut throat and to the point. I mean, it starts by saying, “We die.” Wow, how those two words can make such a huge effect. Dying is something we obviously know about, but do we really take the time and think about it everyday? As the author state, “life is too short,” indeed it is. But then he rambles on by saying that no matter how life can get, human beings are just able to adapt from it, which is true. We “roll with the punches,” life is a grind, sometimes a sad one, but also some good ones to, hopefully : P

“We long for more connection between what we do for a living and what we genuinely care about, for work that’s more than clock-watching drudgery. We long for release from anonymity, to be seen as who we feel ourselves to be rather than as the sum of abstract metrics and parameters. We long to be part of a world that makes sense rather than accept the accidental alienation imposed by market forces too large to grasp, to even contemplate.”

I like this quote, because it touches on the basis of human life. I feel we are more than just empty vessels. Human beings are too complicated of a species to just be on earth for what ever reason. For me, there’s always a reason for why things the way they are. Life is precious and life is good, you just have to believe it. Unfortunately for others it’s not, and for those people, they usually fill that empty void with garbage they don’t need. And companies thrive off that. They sell useless junk to mindless people to get that short, cheap thrill.

Yes, we aren’t all granted luxurious lifestyles like Britney Spears and K-Fed, but life is good and if you can look pass all the materialistic things in life, it will get better. I guess my blog is just a rebuttal of what Locke is saying in “Premature Burial.”


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