Topics for Tuesday, Feb. 27


Keystone technologies for the Web: HTML
Introduction to HTML, understanding markup languages, metadata and how they empower the web. We will discuss the Web before it was the Web and how it all started with a Gopher. We will discuss tools like NVu, Dreamweaver as well as Web Page Design.

Mid Term Topic
We will also discuss visual story telling. There will be a 20 minute video presentation and this will be used to introduce the mid-term. Plus, we will discuss the reading and a great opportunity for students!

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2 Responses to “Topics for Tuesday, Feb. 27”

  1. lussigagas Says:

    300 is a great movie full of visual effects and graphics which made it different and much better.
    Acting was great, director did a wonderful job and chose great actors, full of action, and it is based on a true story.

  2. KenMarshall Says:

    I think, that is interesting for all.

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