Lengthy Cluetrain


Sorry this is so late, that’s how long it has taken me to read chapters 3-5. I can appreciate chapter three with it’s break down on the different ways of proactive communicating. I think I use all except chatting. The more he talks about it, the more I value the use of email and message boards. It allows us to learn to be more liberal in our thoughts. I ironically don’t feel protected by the fact that people I converse with on the net can’t see my face or know where I’m from. My ideas and thoughts are still open for scrutiny and that can be hard to swallow.

So far, I can understand where the author is coming from regarding businesses and corporations. The more I readabout his views on everything from marketing and how consummers are being forced the appeal of products to the Intranet, the more I begin to understand.

The Internet is forcing everything it touches to adapt and change. It’s like being in a new climate a hundred degrees higher. I know it’s impossible to imagine now, but there will be a day where  things like free news and the loss of paid postage will no longer be a scary change.


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