In order to expect change, one must first realize what needs to be changed.


In chapter 4, I was not able to figure out if he was talking about markets as the corporations and businesses under Networked Markets when he said that markets want to talk, or if he was talking about markets as the consumer. If he was discussing it as the companies, I would have to disagree that they do not/are not ready to talk. Sure, some companies are beginning to figure out blogging, but that’s really nothing more than a PR stunt. Try emailing different companies and corporations. See what kind of a response you get; do you get a real message back from someone, or a computer generated message created off key words in your original email? I’m willing to bet if you get anything back at all, it would be the latter of the two. You’re better off going to ask your kid brother what he thinks, because he is probably more connected with the “market” than the company is.
“That’s the awful truth about marketing. It broadcasts messages to people who don’t want to listen. Every advertisement, press release, publicity stunt, and giveaway engineered by a Marketing department is colored by the fact that it’s going to a public that doesn’t ask to hear it.” “As sophisticated as marketing became, it has never overcome the ability of people to smell the BS behind all the marketing perfume.” I agree with the author on these points. Sure the market has miles and miles of demographic and psychographic lists so they can “tailor” their messages accordingly, but in truth, it’s just a mass message thrown out in hopes to hook some random person and reel them in. Sure, they can play their message during a television show to get people, or have it slipped into a newspaper or website and try to get someone to read it, but in truth, half the people will see right through the PR and ignore it, and the other half just won’t care. However, this is where we also need to realize our own faults in distancing the business from the consumer, because of what we are taught from day one. Take for example the name of this college and note most importantly the second half of the name: Journalism and Mass Communications. One day we will all be on the other side and end up working for one business or another and we will have consumers who want to talk to talk to or hear from a real person with a more personal message. However all we have been taught how to do is write press releases, put together mass campaigns targeted at the whole market, and devise PR stunts that make the public think we really do care. I agree with the author that businesses need to change, but so do we.





On a side note, I would like to point out its interesting that Microsoft has not yet entered the word blog into the dictionary in Microsoft Word. You would think they would be aware of this by now… However they were late to join the internet community too, so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised.

That is all. And to quote Edward R. Murrow, “Good night, and good luck.”


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