cluetrain 3-5


I already posted this and then accidently erased it, just in case you were wondering…Sorry about that.

“E-mail is a more immediate medium than paper.” Now there’s a statement that rings true to me, why write a letter when you have e-mail? I can’t even remember the last time I wrote someone a letter and mailed it out, mail without the E seems so outdated. I agree with the author when he writes about how E-mail is forging new connections and conversations between people and businesses all over the world.

  Mailing lists are actually new to me and the author of this very old book is sadly the first to introduce me to this little hidden jewel, I prefer real jewels for the record. The two-way list seems like a more interesting and effective way to use  e-mail as a tool to start conversations. Maybe one day in the near future I will actually take advantage of this so-called mailing list.

The  author believes that the Internet was built by pure conversation, and now that I think about it I believe what he believes. Conversation built the Internet? Sounds almost silly but when I started to think about the Internet and what people do when their using their e-mail and creating their web pages it made much more sense. No one controls the conversation or the connections made on the Internet and that’s why it thrives and continues to be a crucial part of every-ones lives.

 In chapter 5 the author speaks of connections again; “businesses are just a set of connections among people.”  In fact let me link you to an article that explains this concept further, Ok that was a joke and it only makes sense if you read the chapter. I must admit I never thought of hyperlinks as this great way to connect people and web pages but now I see its importance. So in a way a single web page is potentially linked to every other web page, we’re just a few hyperlinks away from being connected to any page and any person.


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