I thought chapter six was interesting, and almost prophetic, because it was talking about how the questions we ask, concerning the future of the web, will shape the very direction the Internet takes. The author states, “We ask questions about the future of the Web because we think there’s a present direction that can be traced into the future. But in fact, the questions we ask aren’t going to predict the future. They will create the future.” One of the questions mentioned was one posed, out of fear, by the media- “Will the Web become a broadcast medium? Will it become TV? That’s vitally interesting to media titans who see the Web as a threat to how they make money.” Since this book was written years ago, the web had not been used extensively for various media outlets. But, it seems no sooner did they ask the question, that we are now able to download the news, television shows, movies, and listen to radio broadcast all via the Web. Perhaps they should have taken the books advice when it says, “Be careful what you ask or you just might become it.”
I also liked the last couple paragraphs of the chapter. They seemed genuine and refreshing. There is no set “to do” list that companies need to follow for success. Instead, they need to grow and change as the world around them is, learning from their mistakes, but not being afraid to make those mistakes


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