A rambling cluetrain


The two last chapters, while smaller reading than the past assigned, was still a job to get through. Reading through the last two chapters, the point the I could relate to the most was the subject of bosses losing their ability to communicate. Or more so, losing their connection to the employees and the out products of their businesses. I think that this happens to be the biggest issue. A good corporation is a corporation who tries to keep the lines of communication open with it’s lower employees. Lower employees see a lot more of product needs than their boss counter parts ever will.

I think this sort of communication separates a good company from a bad company. An example to me would be HP. I have an aunt that works for HP and she feels that the communitcation with employees, regardless of level is what keeps the company successful. CEO’s need to keep the lines of communication open with their employees whether it be in person or the internet. The lower employees are the closest thing to the people they sell their products to .


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