cluetrain finally got a clue…


There were So many different thoughts and concepts in chapters 6 and 7 I don’t even know how to begin to summarize them for you, you being one of my many, many readers. OK, so maybe by you I mean you being one of maybe three readers. Now with that in mind I will attempt to sum up some of the concepts that rang true to me and that I could actually make some sense of.

The simple, if painful, prognosis: organizations must encourage and engage in genuine conversation with workers and markets — or go belly up.”

  1. The engagement and passion-for-quality of genuine craft.
  2. Conversations among recognizably human voices.

Nicely put huh?

Let’s forget all this internal conversation that takes place in the workplace and let’s begin to include the conversation that comes from the market place. The author uses the Berlin Wall as an example of the imaginary wall placed between the workplace and the marketplace. Now if the work place is creating products for the market place it makes sense to include them in the conversation, right? Right. The author suggests finding people with-in the organization who know what’s going on. In conclusion make friends with the market place and let the bureaucracy fall while your profits soar.

OK, now my favorite excerpt from the entire book…ready for a 12 step program? Britney’s doing it, you don’t think your better than Britney do you? That’s what I thought, now scroll down.

The Cluetrain Hit-One-Outta-the-Park Twelve-Step
Program for Internet Business Success

  1. Relax
  2. Have a sense of humor
  3. Find your voice and use it
  4. Tell the truth
  5. Don’t panic
  6. Enjoy yourself
  7. Be brave
  8. Be curious
  9. Play more
  10. Dream always
  11. Listen up
  12. Rap on

Do these things and you just can’t miss.

Nicely put times 2.

So chapter 7 made me realize one thing and one thing only…The Internet was not built just for chatting and myspace, no this can’t be true! Well it is so suck it up and read on. The net helps organize markets, self organizing markets. You can go online and get just about anything you need from anywhere in the world.

“But enough about early advertising. One thing the Net is good for is organizing markets. Especially if you’re invisible and powerless, ignorant of how things are supposed to work, ignorant of business-as-usual. Especially if you’re intent on end-running the empire.”

This books ends where reality sets in, this book was written years ago and one of the authors Samuel Beckett mentions that the era of cluelessness is about to come to an end…Well it has ended and we are here to prove the authors premonitions to be true.


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