Response to CH 6-7


I agree with everyone when they say that the end was a pretty tough read filled with repetitive talk about the influence and importance of the Internet on businesses and the corporate world.
Towards the end of Chapter 7, Locke poses this question. “In the newly humanized and highly vocal global marketplace the Internet has helped create, can corporations survive at all?” I agree with him when he says that corporations need to leave the line of communication open with their employees and the voices of the outside world. Management especially has the power to create that relationship with the employees. So instead of just bossing them around and nag them to do their work, they can set the example of leaving open communication between one another.
So going along with Chapter 6, the author also states that the workers know much more about the business and how it functions in the economy. So to answer the question, can corporations survive at all? Yes they can if they don’t stay ignorant and if they begin to listen and use their voices as the authors have emphasized throughout the book. The Internet has opened up many doors for businesses and for people to share their thoughts and express their opinions in the marketplace. The Internet I believe was a revolution in our time now that I think back on it. I think we should definitely take advantage of its power.


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