The sky is falling… Well, not really. Unless we make it.


Chapter 7 was slightly hard for me to get into. Maybe it was because my eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen all day, or maybe it was because after a while, it seemed the the author was just giving himself a pat on the back for writing the book. Either way, my eyes are still tired. I did however, find chapter 6 interesting.
“The simple, if painful, prognosis: organizations must encourage and engage in genuine conversation with workers and markets — or go belly up.”
“Continents drifting across the oceans have trends. Bullets have directions. Cannonballs have trajectories. The future doesn’t. The future is the intersection of choice and interruptions. The Web — what a surprise! — is more like the future than a cannonball. It will be what we make of it.”

Those were a couple of my favorite sections out of the chapter. The first quote seemed to me as more reenforcement of a lot of other points in the book, but i strongly agree with the author in this case. If a company doesn’t connect with anyone, it will be like running blindfolded in a dark room. I know thats kind of a repetitive statement, but i think it helps to get the point across that they will not only not know what is happening, they will be confused as well.
I just liked the second quote, well, just because its a very true statement. No one knows where the future is going, what it will bring us, or not bring us, just like the internet. The internet will go wherever we make it go. No company or corporation will ever be able to take control of it and decide its fate. There as much of a chance of it becoming obsolete as we get little chips with all the information in the world installed in our heads and being able to communicate telepathically , as there is a chance of it causing the downfall of Microsoft. Who knows? I don’t. You don’t. However, the internet could be like a cannonball… Except it would be a cannonball made out of rubber and hundreds of angled sides. Where will it bounce to next?

“We’re not trying to change you. We’re trying to get you to think differently.”


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