Class Today: April 3, 2007


Supermarket 2.0

Supermarket 2.0

I will be doing a presentation on Video Blogging.

Book Discussion and Reading Assignment
We will be discussing the book assignment. Up through page 62 of Naked Conversations by Scoble and Israel.

Lab Time
Presentation of Mid-Term Projects. These should be posted to the blog and are due today! Be sure your name is on the post so there is no possible confusion.

Due before next class, Two posts!

Post about a Video Blog
This is assuming you have completed and posted your video. Go find a video blog, you can go to some place such as, or elsewhere. There is one rule, no porn!

Post to the class blog about the video blog. Include a link to the blog, tell as much as is shared about the author of the blog and about the theme (if there is one) of the video blog.

Post about the reading assignment
What are Scoble and Israel talking about and what do you think about what they have to say?


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