iPhone Update!!!


I was browsing through random Saturday Night Live vlogs and found the funniest clip EVER!  Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs shows up on the Weekend Update Show and wows the audience with Apple’s latest product, the iPhone.  The skit mocks Jobs and his phone/full-screen video ipod that is expected to “revolutionize the way we communicate.” 

I don’t know exactly who the author of this vlog is (to fulfill this blog assignment).  I’m pretty new to the whole vlogging scene.  I’m aware that anyone can post a vlog of their own, but I’m a little confused as to who or how clips of official shows get posted.  If anyone can explain this to me, please do. 

I chose this vlog to blog about because it brings up something that I’ve been ranting to my friends about for months now.  Everyone knows that technology is always changing.  But my problem is that it’s changing in such a rapid speed that I’m scared to buy stuff now.  I know that if I buy phone A, next month, phone B is going to come out and it’s going to be even better.  It’s like you buy the “what’s hot” device one month and just a few short months later, the freakin’ thing becomes obsolete (well, not obsolete, I’m exaggerating, but you get it).  Plus EVERYTHING seems to be getting smaller.  The way things are going, I’m just surprised that we haven’t gotten down to the size of the Zoolander cell phone. 

There is one more mention about technology that I wanted to put out there.  Although technology is great because it makes our lives easier, doesn’t it seem as if we’re setting our society up to be lazier and lazier?  Do we really need automatic buttons for everything?  Does no one want to roll down the window the old fashioned way?  Now we’re engulfed in the whole touch screen function.  Is it because pushing a real button exacerbates our energy?  It seems like we’re inventing things to do everything for us.  We’re already working on having cars drive on their own.  Pretty soon we’ll be having devices to wipe our a**es for us too. 

I’m ending this with à “It automatically calls your friend when you need a what-what.” ß The clip is freakin’ hilarious!  Check it out yourself. 


One Response to “iPhone Update!!!”

  1. ssloansjca Says:

    Great video, but a post to you tube is not a vlog. You need to go find a video blog, you can go to some place such as vidblogs.com, mefeedia.com or elsewhere. There is one rule, no porn!

    Post to the class blog about the video blog. Include a link to the vlog (not just to one video,) tell as much as is shared about the author of the blog and about the theme (if there is one) of the video blog.

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